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Torre Sant'Angelo Ischia

great family

For over 40 years our family runs this small 3-star hotel, located right in the heart of Ischia, a perfect destination for couples and families on vacation. In our family, every member has an important role, which he/she plays with energy and dedication, so as to make you experience a vacation in which you will breathe the warmth of home and the relaxed joy of a true family.


Our captain
Our captain. Silent founder and the cornerstone of the hotel. Mind, body and soul of our initiatives. In the morning, he welcomes the early-rising guests at breakfast. He listens to everyone with patience and attention, the lucky ones have even heard him talk!


The supporter
The supporter. Always available and always present. The real engine of the hotel. To book your holiday, it's best to talk to her. Moreover, if you want to know the results of any sports competition, she will be able to answer. She is also unbeatable on the subject of schedules of TV broadcasting of sports events!


The city girl
The city girl. She is rarely present, because she does not live on the Island of Ischia. She is well informed on ferries, hydrofoils, timetables, costs, confluence. If you meet her, she will put at your disposal all her experience of an expert commuter!


The Joker
The joker. His beautiful smile is our best welcoming service. You will love the desserts made by him for breakfast. He can spend hours chatting with the guests and, nevertheless, all the customers continue to look for him for a chat!


The kind nagger
The kind nagger. Kind with the guests and a nagger with the family (luckily!). But if you meet her when she is running late, she will make an exception and she will nag to you, as well!


The late sleeper
The late sleeper. You will never meet him before 2:00 p.m. During the afternoon and in the evening, he will be happy to take care of you. Also, if you want to have all the latest information on the nightlife on the Island of Ischia, Piero is the right person to ask!


Our little girl
Our little girl. She is ready to welcome you with her joy. She loves shopping, preparing sweets and welcoming new guests at the reception. She's a little shy, but as soon as she feels comfortable, she becomes a chatter. Try to guess whose daughter she is?


Our little boy
Our little boy. He is always on the move. He loves going shopping, taking part in the shuttle service and accompanying new guests to their rooms. If you see a ball, for sure he is nearby, and he will invite you to play with him!


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