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Wellness Center
Torre Sant'Angelo Ischia

Thermal Pools with Adjustable Temperature

Our hotel hosts a hot geothermal water pool, a true treasure of well-being. The temperature of this pool can be adjusted from 30° to 40°, allowing you to immerse yourself in an enveloping heat that will melt your body. away all tensions.

Furthermore, we have a pool at room temperature, ideal for those who prefer a cooler swim. fresh, with a temperature that varies between 18° and 22°. For those who want maximum comfort, we also have a jacuzzi pool with hot geothermal water, the temperature of which can be be adjusted between 30° and 40°.

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Dive into the blue of our swimming pools!

Our swimming pools are surrounded by a large relaxation area with a breathtaking panoramic view. Here you can relax on comfortable deckchairs and admire the surrounding landscape, guaranteeing moments of pure relaxation and tranquility.

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Relaxing Massages

Experience maximum relaxation with our relaxing massages, ideal for releasing muscle tension and promoting a feeling of inner calm. Let yourself be enveloped by the expert hands of our therapists and forget about daily stress.

Draining Massages

Draining massages promote blood and lymphatic circulation, helping to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body. These massages are ideal for combating water retention and feeling more relaxed. light.

Massages with Essential Oils

Discover the therapeutic power of essential oils during a massage specifically customized to your needs. Essential oils can help relax the mind, relieve pain and improve overall well-being.

Massages with sea salts

Sea salts are known for their healing properties. beneficial for the skin and muscles. A sea salt massage will make you feel better. feel renewed, gently exfoliating the skin and promoting a sensation of freshness.

Anti-cellulite massages

Fight cellulite and improve the appearance of the skin with our targeted anti-cellulite massages. These treatments help tone tissues and improve circulation, helping to achieve firmer skin. smooth and compact.

Regenerating Massages

Our regenerating massage is a complete treatment that aims to rebalance the body and mind. This holistic treatment will make you feel better. feel completely renewed and ready to fully enjoy your holiday at Torre Sant'Angelo in Ischia.

Choose the massage that best suits your needs and let our therapists take you on a journey of pure relaxation and well-being. With our regenerating massages, we guarantee you a regenerating break during your holiday in Torre Sant'Angelo in Ischia.

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